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When I was pregnant many many moons ago you were seen as an older mum if you had hit 30! Thankfully those days are gone now as women make their own choice to have a fulfilling career first, then home building and finally think about creating a family.. I personally applaud the fact that we are all free to make our own decisions and not frowned upon by society for whichever route we take. Our life choices are ours..

In my job I get to work with supremely creative and talented people. A blessing I am eternally thankful for… They are also lovely, caring nurturing people who are a joy to be around.

Once such person is Amelia Staples, she is a children’s stylist. I am her agent.. She has worked hard, (played hard!) and enjoyed her life thus far and last year found THE ONE.. I’ve met him; he’s handsome, funny, and intelligent and completely adores Amelia. It is very sweet to see them together…

This summer Amelia found out she was pregnant.. a surprise but one filled with excitement and bliss for them both. Lots to juggle – he lives in London, she in Brighton. He works in Milton Keynes, they both travels the world – but are never in the same place at the same time. But they are making it work and looking to the future with happy hearts.

Amelia has promised to start a pregnancy diary for the blog and here is her 1st entry.. Lots of the fabulous bits of my pregnancies are long forgotten so I’m looking forward to reliving them with Amelia…

Angeli xx


The First few months


So I was blessed to find out the news recently that I was pregnant. Now, moving towards 16 weeks. A beautiful gift and surprise.

I am totally amazed by the journey I have been on already with many body changes and feelings. Mother Nature is very clever.

Although morning sickness – each day and every day – was not that much fun! All my friends and family had LOTS of cure suggestions (ginger seemed to be the winner??!) but sadly none worked – I just had to ride it out!

I tried to keep my news quiet for as long as I could – being freelance I wanted to let clients know as late as possible but as a definite bump kept growing by the day and I kept throwing up! it wasn’t long before I had to let the proverbial cat out of the bag!

With much excitement we had our first scan at 3 months. I think I was just expecting a blob with a heartbeat, as that’s what it looks like in the movies (!) but we were amazed how so completely formed and perfect the baby was. It’s tiny little legs and arms kicking and moving. Very active.. an Olympic athlete in the making!

As far as cravings go for me it’s very simple.. Standard carbs all the way. Gone are those green juices, rye bread, non-dairy and generally healthy ways and in with starchy bread, potatoes, cheese and all those things I used to try and avoid.

But I’m loving it! I’m particularly partial to the M&S egg and salad cream sandwich 🙂 I am going with the thought that this is what my baby needs? Or is that the standard pregnancy get out clause?!

I have also gone off fish, which is strange as I’m a pescatarian. My friend Esther said its because I’m having a Pisces baby. I think that totally makes sense but I wondering if my love of fish will come back – any suggestions out there?

I’m working in Miami at the moment (I know nice work if you can get it!) I’m here for the next 10 days or so and feeling good. Nice to be back here. It’s very hot and humid but baby loves the warmth as much as I do.

But I’m looking forward to when I’m back in a couple of weeks and having another scan so I’ll send more news then!

Amelia XX







  1. Malin says:

    So happy for you Amelia!! So exciting! Can’t wait to catch up! xxxx

  2. Lizzie says:

    Have been waiting for this baby for a long time now . Looking forward to reading your next blog xxx

  3. Esther says:

    Love the blog Amelia,that dolly bump has really grown .xx

  4. Sally says:

    Fabulous news Amelia! Looking forward to hearing all the details! Xxx

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