Am I too old for a piercing?! Love Amanda

December 3, 2015 • Fashion • Views: 1423

As I approach my next birthday which sadly is nearer to 50 now rather than 40, I am having a rebellious streak! Or is it a half century crisis!!!……or am I in denial of my age? I’m not sure ….but here’s the thing, I want some more piercings!!!

In my teenage years I horrified my mum by piercing my ears myself! I have 3 in total!! I then put her through many rebellious trends of shaving my head like Sinead O’Connor, spiking my hair with sugar to look like Souxsie Souix, peroxiding my hair to go white blonde but ending up carrot orange!!! Wearing green lipstick!! Customising all my clothes with rips and safety pins!!! Bless my parents they were incredibly patient and the clue must have been there as surprisingly I ended up in fashion!!!

So why now? I don’t know but it was ever since I had my ears re-pierced at the Monsoon press day!!! All the young trendy fashionistas were getting more piercings and that fuelled the fire for me!!! I am now toying with the idea of piercing my upper ear lobe! Not once but a couple of times!!! The punk in me is coming back!!! But am I too old? Am I trying too hard? Is it too late? And why?

I also want another colourful tattoo! Where I don’t know, but I want one! Am I too old? And why?

I even spent an hour having black smoky eyes done at the Charlotte Tilbury make up stand in Selfridges!!! Why?

The answer I think is I’m in denial…. I want some drama in my life! A change! A new identity!!! Im worried motherhood has made me boring!!! I want to rebel….ok so these days getting an extra piercing is hardly rebellious….but for me it feels naughty!!! How sad! But in 2016 it’s going to be done and my inner punk is making a comeback!!!

Love Amanda xx

Roll on January 2016 as Amanda and I are definitely having our ears pierced together – so watch this space! Love Angeli x




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