A week in the life of.. Photographer and Stylist Agent.. By Angeli x

June 8, 2015 • Fashion, This Is Me • Views: 994

So, in my ‘day job’ I am an agent for photographers, stylists and hair & makeup artists – including my very lovely partners at A&Co, Amanda, Ruby, Gea and Francine…

My time is spent managing their careers, organising projects for them, advising and planning. Each day is different, challenging and, after 15 years doing the job I still love it! If you ever get time – take a peek at Angeli & Co, my agency!


Last week highlights included..

  1. Closing down Britain’s Got Talent as my superstylist Laury Smith has been dressing Alesha Dixon, who has been looking quite spectacular! It’s a long project from the auditions early in the year around the country, through all the TV shows and then down the wire with a whole week of live shows culminating in the finals on Sunday. Laury has been pulling next seasons pieces from both sides of the Atlantic and Alesha looked beautiful, on trend and edgy. I hope you agree! Laury is amazing at making sure every detail is perfect down to rocking jewellery and sexy shoes.. My favourites were the Michael Costello yellow dress and finals dress.(below) Perfect perfect perfect… this pic above is me and Alesha meeting at Soho House – I look like her mum don’t I !!


  1. Producing a photoshoot trip shoot for Amanda Wakeley ( a beautiful, intelligent and delightful client to work with,,) and in South America. This was quite a challenge juggling models from UK, New York and South America, finding locations to shoot, accommodation organising travel arrangements and pulling together the rest of the team –stylist, hair & makeup and a local producer on site to sort all the transport and permits to shoot.. Phew! The team is there now in 28 degree heart –Kate Martin shooting and Laury Smith styling… jealous? Moi?!
  2. Organising a shoot for Bluebella lingerie – a young, sexy and beautiful brand – for the lovely Emily… I found a fantastic London warehouse  to create a more directional look for the key look shots… Awesome photography by Alisa Connan and styling by the very talented Aradia Crockett..This is just one of the  gorgeous pics Alisa took last season!


lots more to follow from last week and this week already looks full too!! have a great week out there all of you!


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