A day of Mummy to Fashionista Stylist = 6 wardrobe changes! Amanda x

July 9, 2015 • Family, Fashion • Views: 671

Since becoming a mummy to Billy. I have had to quickly learn to juggle my two distinct identities.. Loving mum to an ever energetic and vocal toddler and my alter ego as a fashion stylist, charged with staying on top of fashion trends and styling photoshootsI

Jekyll and Hyde? Cinderella in her ‘Cinders’ rags and her ball outfit?

I seem to spend my days changing outfits to fit my scenarios – Joy of joy! My laundry pile is huge by the end of the week!

Let me explain….on a work day where I have to be a fashionista, immaculately dressed for a client meeting or shoot, getting to that stage involves a military precision operation and here’s how it goes:-

6am – Billy wakes up

Mummy role dressed in pyjamas

6.30am – 7am mummy showered and full make up on

7am -7.15am Billy’s breakfast

Note from Angeli – quick breakfast slot – I’m impressed. My two treated mealtimes as an excellent opportunity to throw food at each other/on floor and rub in their hair..everywhere in fact  just not in their mouths…..15 minutes – NEVER!

Mummy clothes on jeans and T-shirt to avoid mucky fingers during breakfast

7.20am Billy nappy change and dressed ready for nursery.

Mummy’s Fashionista clothes laid out on bed

7.30am Billy to nursery

I’m still in mummy outfit

Note from Angeli – I remember mothergate – when everyone used to eye up what the other mothers were wearing at the school gate.. joggers and no makeup was definitely frowned upon, lycra gym kit (with obligatory toned abs got more points… but full mother mode, smart makeup and time to chat to the other mothers as they don’t have to rush to work are they worst guilt makers ever!

7.40am Billy dropped off – power walk back home for quick change.

7.50am mummy becomes fashion director…. outfit looking cool, designer handbag, midi heels and sunglasses…styling kitbag in tow.

Note form Angeli – she ALWAYS looks A-mazing and I always want to buy the entire outfit she is wearing…

 8am – taxi arrives and off to studio.

Full day in studio working

6pm taxi home

6.30 Fashionista changes back to mummy! Work clothes off jeans and t-shirt back on

6.30 bathtime with Billy

7pm story time and cuddles with Billy

7.30 Billy to bed

7.40pm I take my makeup off and change into my pyjamas back to mummy!!

It certainly keeps me entertained!!!


Note from Angeli – add a big glass of Red Wine, watch mindless trash TV and relax!





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