40+.. 5 foot 2… brown lady…lust list/buys this week….love Angeli x

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I am so old skool and very happy with it …. I still keep a paper diary… I iron everything including towels and knickers and I still play my vinyl albums at the highest volume possible at every single opportunity.. Nothing like a bit of Earth Wind & Fire blasting out while you are getting ready to go out!

So it comes as no surprise that I carry a notebook around with me everywhere to catalogue thoughts, ideas and images that pop into my head/life as they pass by..

I have a bookshelf full of them – they are like my life long wish lists..

If I’m feeling VERY flush I buy a Smythson notebook – usually reserved for birthday and Xmas.. More regularly it’s a standard A5 lined Moleskine. – historically always black.. but recently I have become more adventurous and have green and pink ones on the go.. woo hoo!

Soooo when I see something I like in a mag – be it YSL nail polish/Balenciaga coat/ Yogam Ottolenghi dinner recipe I cut out the pic and pritt stick it in my book. When I see something online I print out a pic and stick it in… when I like something someone else is wearing I take a pic on my phone and do the same… I think you get it drill!!

So this is the week that was in terms of wanted and got!

WANTED – FREDERIC MALLE PORTRAIT OF A LADY PERFUME a really lovely stylist I know Bo was wearing it and I totally fell in love..shopping

GOT – TOM FORD VENETIAN BERGAMOT (sacrificed adding to my perfume shelf for my hubby. Bought in Harrods and wrapped so meticulously by the assistant it had echoes of the classic Rowan Atkinson/Love Actually scene)


WANTED – ISABEL MARANT DANAE BOOTS – Amanda Bellan our fashion contributor was wearing then and they were so beautiful I could have kissed her feet..

GOT – ISABEL MARANT DANAE BOOTS – I know, I know toooo expensive – but they are classics/will last for year etc etc – you know the usual self-delusional justification..


WANTED – ROSTANICA HIMALAYA QUARTZ NECKLACE – I tried this on in Matches and I could have wept with how beautiful it was…(£330 – cant justify that!)1022126_1-1

GOT – 5 rosaries from Brighton Car Boot Sale for £20! Result!IMG_1570


WANTED – A REALLY GORGEOUS PARKA FOR WINTER –yes I was a girl scout and I like to be prepared!! Can’t do my usual Topshop purchase as the only one I liked I bought for my for daughter for her birthday and having the same coat as my kid is just wrong!

GOT – a bloody bargain on Ebay – Woolrich £650 plus parka for next to naught… Very very exciting, it arrives tomorrow(!)$_57

WANTED – A NEW JUICER ours has given up the ghost..

GOT – A Husband who researched juicers and has bought us one that also makes sausages??? Go figure – looking forward to that arriving next week?????Skg-1352-Slow-juicer-Meat-grind-Sausage-Slice-Shred-Pasta-function-Automatic-juicer

love Angeli x



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